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No-Gag Digital Impressions With the Carestream CS 3600

Open wide -- it’s time for a dental impression! If you’re like many people, those words alone are enough to make you gag. No one likes that cold, messy, goopy cement that’s been used for decades to create a three dimensional model of your mouth. And for patients with a sensitive gag reflex, traditional impressions may simply be out of the question.

Fortunately, there is a better option, and it’s one Dr. Winarick is happy to offer at Dental Station of Waco. With the Carestream CS 3600, your dentist can capture a better, more accurate image of your mouth -- without the need for gag-inducing impressions.

We are happy to offer our patients increased ease and efficiency with the Carestream CS 3600. This handheld tool seriously simplifies the digital scanning process with continuous high speed scanning and other features that make it easier for us to capture a high-quality image of your teeth. And we know you will appreciate the high definition 3D images the scanner produces.

How CS 3600 Digital Impressions Work

The CS 3600 allows your dentist to create a two- or three-dimensional model of your mouth. It has a continuous scanning capability, which means the tool works far faster than other digital impression machines. That way, there’s no risk that shaking hands or a fidgeting patient will affect the process. And we get a far better image -- improving the treatment process and giving you a better outcome overall. Because the CS 3600 works in a 13 millimeter scanning range, your dentist can capture the image at whatever distance is most comfortable. It doesn’t matter if that’s several millimeters away, or right on the tooth.

Involving You In the Treatment Process

Another thing you will notice about the digital scanning process is that it allows Dr. Winarick to involve you in the treatment process. Whether that means letting you see the full extent of your tooth loss or just why you need a new dental crown, your dentist can now show and tell in full HD 3D.

Benefits of Using the CS 3600

Digital imagery greatly improves the process for gathering impressions, and the Carestream CS 3600 is one of the best systems currently available. Some of the most notable advantages of using this method for impressions include…

The CS 3600 also comes with two interchangeable tips in different widths, so your dentist can capture the image in a way that maximizes your comfort throughout the process. And when the tool is used in the preparation for dental implants, it also allows for side-by-side viewing of the tooth with and without abutments.

We are pleased to offer this top-of-the-line technology at Dental Station of Waco. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please get in touch with us today!