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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you see every member of my family?

Dr. Winarick has treated patients of virtually every age, from babies all the way up to great-grandparents, and she and her team are always happy to welcome more! We love seeing whole families, and our wide variety of general, restorative, cosmetic, and even orthodontic services can make a big difference for smiles of all shapes and sizes.

Is pediatric care available?

Yes! We do our best to create a friendly and comfortable environment for your child so that they can feel at ease with us and even look forward to their visits. Gentle check-ups and cleanings will do wonders in keeping their mouth refreshed, and Dr. Winarick will always look out for any possible developmental issues so that they can be dealt with promptly. Additionally, dental sealants and other pediatric services allow us to provide their growing smile with extra protection and strength.

How can my damaged teeth be repaired?

There are several options available for revitalizing broken or decayed teeth and restoring any lost structure; our recommendation will depend on the severity of your unique case and any preferences that you may have for treatment. Fillings, crowns, inlays, and onlays are all available, and Dr. Winarick even offers tooth-colored options so that patients can regain a healthy smile that looks just as great as it feels.

What are my options for replacing my teeth?

Patients can find multiple reconstructive solutions at our Waco, TX practice, but not every service is right for every patient. After an in-depth evaluation, Dr. Winarick can provide personalized recommendations for your situation. In most cases, we suggest dental implants due to their various health and aesthetic benefits, and we’re happy to recommend a specialist for the surgical portion of the procedure. If you’re not the right candidate, though, a traditional bridge or denture may be a better choice.

Are your fillings silver-colored?

Dental Station here in Waco is happy to primarily offer fillings made of high-quality composite resin material. By selecting the shade that’s closest to your natural enamel, we can treat your smile in a virtually seamless fashion and allow you to maintain a beautiful look you can feel proud of.

What kind of technology is available at your office?

We offer several state-of-the-art tools that make our care simpler and more comfortable for patients. For instance, we take digital X-rays, which are faster, clearer, and much safer overall when compared with traditional machines. Dr. Winarick is also one of only five dentists in Texas who uses a Solea laser to provide periodontal treatment, fill cavities, and much more in a comfortable fashion with no needle required.

Will you see dental emergencies?

Yes! If you or a loved one is in need of help, don’t hesitate to contact our Waco, TX location to schedule an emergency appointment. Dr. Winarick will do her best to see you as soon as possible and provide relief, whether you’re suffering from a bad toothache, cracked enamel, or a partially knocked-out tooth. In cases of extreme pain or bleeding, though, we recommend going straight to the emergency room and then following up with us afterwards for additional assistance.

What kind of cosmetic services do you offer?

We have several cosmetic options available that can erase unsightly flaws and beautifully transform your smile into one you’ll be proud to share with those around you! Teeth whitening and porcelain veneers can dramatically change a lackluster smile into one that shines brightly, while tooth-colored fillings and all-ceramic restorations can repair damaged teeth in an aesthetically pleasing fashion.

Can you help me achieve a straighter smile?

Of course! Dr. Winarick offers orthodontic care for children and adults alike who suffer from gaps or misaligned teeth. Traditional braces are a common staple of middle school, and we’re happy to help your little one customize theirs for a unique look. Older patients, on the other hand, may prefer the more sophisticated, virtually unnoticeable nature of Invisalign. We’d love to welcome you in for a consultation so that our Waco team can assess your unique needs and offer recommendations for treatment.

Do you accept insurance?

We’re happy to accept several plans, including Metlife, Aetna, and Delta Dental. Our team can file the paperwork on your behalf so that you have a better chance of receiving the maximum benefits available. If you’d like to learn more about payment options, visit our new patient information page.