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No shot... no drill... Laser Dentistry in Waco

Solea Laser technologyYou’ve just been told that you have a cavity. Great. Another appointment, the numbing shot, and the drill. Unless, of course, your dentist offers laser dentistry, which is exactly the case here in Waco with Dr. Winarick.

Our office is proud to provide laser dentistry with Solea®, the world’s first computer-aided, CO2 laser system that is FDA-approved for both hard and soft tissue dental procedures. With Solea, Dr. Winarick can cut more quietly, faster and with greater precision than any other laser-based system in dentistry. And because treatment with Solea is so comfortable and virtually pain-free, most patients do not require any anesthesia. That means there are no needles, no injections and no lingering sensation of numbness after your procedure is completed.

In fact, Solea is so efficient, that the cavity we discover during one of your routine dental checkups may not require an additional appointment. We may be able to fill the cavity right then and there, saving you time and trouble.

The Advantages of Solea Technology

Laser dentistry with Solea allows Dr. Winarick to work anywhere in your mouth. The isotopic CO2 laser actually vaporizes enamel, making fast work of tooth preparation whether Dr. Winarick is working on a virgin tooth or replacing an old restoration. And when laser dentistry is required for periodontal therapy, Solea allows Dr. Winarick to work with more speed, accuracy and less bleeding. Thus, any procedure is more comfortable for you.

Dr. Winarick is one of only five dentists in Texas who offer Solea. To learn more about this state-of-the-art dental technology, contact Dental Station Family Dentistry in Waco, TX, today!